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Hellraiser XXVI, The Root of All Evil: Sometimes turnips just go bad.

Run for your lives! The killer cucumber is on the loose. Arrragh! *runs away shrieking like a girl.

Talk about creepy looking babies. This one resembles something from a Harry Potter film.

These dodgy looking vegetables featured in an advertising campaign for Progress Kids milk, claiming their milk has “a third of your child’s daily nutrition. Because vegetables are scary.” Bet parents had a great time getting their kids to eat their greens after that!

What’s cooler than Alien? Why, veggie Alien, of course. Aren’t these images awesome? OK, while they’re not exactly images of real veggies, they just had to be included for the creep factor. They were created by artist Till Nowak and inspired by the works of HR Giger and Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

Alien offspring of a ravished parsnip.

The ackee fruit, when ripe and opened, looks a bit too much like giant spider’s eyes for our liking. It’s hard to know whether to eat it or hide from it.

Children of the Corn strikes again.

Alien carrot spawn.

That’s one alien looking spud.

If you’re not careful, that little blighter in the middle will bite your nose off if you get too close. It looks as if it’s ready to attack at any moment.

This creepy heart-shaped potato looks as if it’s been possessed by the bark monster.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tokyo Water Park in Japan

Only in Hawaii

Only in India

Only in Mexico

Only in Texas

Only in Thailand

Only in America