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This increible bus stop was designed by Dennis Oppenheim in Ventura California

This bus stop allows skaters to go on a mini ramp attached to a bus stop, it's a Quiksilver ad

Swing on a Bus Stop in London, part of Bruno Taylor's "Playful Spaces" art project
Air-conditioned bus stop, presumably near Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai

The Simpsons Bus stop in Germany, advertising for the movie

This living room bus stop was created by Ikea as marketing for the Design Week 2006

Australia Post Bus Stop Advertisement

This Star Wars "faux light saber" bus stop ad lights up at night.
The caption says "Use Only In Case of Sith"

Soviet era bus stop
3M was so sure their Security Glass was unbreakable, they put a large stack of cash behind it and shoved it in a bus stop.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Unique and creative advertising ideas from all over the world.

Denver Water Car Advertisement

Use only what you need.
Nikon S60 Advertisement

The Nikon S60. Detects up to 12 faces
Al Ain Desert Wildlife Park Advertisement

Now open till midnight
IKEA Advertisement

Decorate for the holidays

Mambocino Coffee Advertisement

Cialdi. Extra Strong.

Big Babol Bubble Gum Advertisement

The golden award winner at Dubai Lynx Awards 2008
Fenbid Advertisement

Fast relief for muscle and joint pain.
Chevrolet Tahoe Advertisement
BEGO Dental Equipment & Materials Ad

2008 Edmonton Indy Race Advertisement

There’s Fast. Then there’s Indy.

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